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Application Review

Some clients prefer preparing application forms and supporting documents on their own and once the application package is completed they need someone to go over the whole application package and point out possible mistakes and/or areas where improvement can be made.

For many applicants that makes a lot of sense since they get additional assurance that their application is properly prepared and that nothing is missed.

Experienced immigration consultant can provide invaluable feedback to the applicants and refusals or delays in processing might be prevented that way.

Remember: it is always good idea to address any potentially problematic aspects of your application ahead of time instead of waiting for the immigration officer to contact you at a later date and ask for clarifications and/or additional documents.

Another advantage of this offer is that applicants pay only fraction of full service fee which is charged for full immigration application by immigration consultants and lawyers.


Our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant will review all your immigration forms and supporting documents and prepare a PDF document (Review report) in which he will comment on each of these documents.

Review report will be e-mailed back to you within 5 business days.

If errors or omissions are noticed in any of the documents they will be indicated in such PDF document (Review report).

Once Review report is ready immigration consultant will spend  around 2 hours speaking with you on Skype and discuss information in the forms and supporting documents.

During that conversation immigration consultant will also suggest ways to improve your application.


Application review cost $500 (tax included).