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Billions of people from all over the world would like to immigrate to Canada.

Most of them know that Canada has very good immigration programs and that almost 300 000 new immigrants become permanent residents of Canada every year for the past 10 years or so.

What most people do not know is how exactly they can immigrate to Canada.

"What is the best immigration program for me?"

Choosing the best immigration program (or to be more precise: choosing the best way to immigrate to Canada) is not simple and easy thing to do.


Because on one hand there are many immigration programs in Canada and on the other hand each person's situation is different. What may be the best program for one person may not work at all for someone else in similar situation.

Canada has several federal immigration programs such as Federal Skilled Worker program, Canadian Experience Class, Spousal/family sponsorship programs etc. Most people know about those programs either from the federal immigration web site or from immigration forums.

What most people do not know, however, is that Canada has 10 provinces and three territories and each one of them has their own immigration programs.
Map of Canada
If we add up all federal and provincial (or territorial) immigration programs in Canada it becomes clear that there are over 50 different immigration programs which potentially can be used to successfully immigrate to Canada.

To find out which program would be the most suitable program for your situation we would have to gather extensive information about you and your personal circumstances (such as education, work experience, language skills, family composition, things that could potentially make you inadmissible to Canada, previous immigration applications etc.) and compare your "immigration profile" against the rules and requirements of all those immigration programs, federal and provincial.

That process takes time, effort and knowledge. It takes at least one day to prepare assessment of best immigration options for a client.


Milorad Borota, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant can prepare an assessment for you (which is a PDF document around 8-10 pages long)  in such assessment he would list most viable immigration options taking in consideration your unique circumstances.

Option listed as option number one on the list would be the one which in consultant's opinion has the best chances of success. Each subsequent option mentioned in the assessment could also be used but in consultant's opinion those options would be more complicated or more time consuming.

Assessment is based on your (and your spouse's) resume and answers to the questionnaire questions which we would send to you.

What is the advantage of such assessment?

You will get a clear picture what options you should consider and possibly what aspects of your situation you may have to improve (for example get a better score on language test, obtain diploma or certificate etc.) in order to maximize your chances of successful immigration.

The assessment will help you navigate your way through the maze of immigration programs and deal with overwhelming amount of information out there.


Assessment of best immigration options cost $200 (tax included) and it will be delivered to you through e-mail within 5 business days counting from the day your payment is made and your resume and completed questionnaire are returned to the consultant.

For additional $200 we will also prepare video explanation of your assessment document (video will be 20-30 minutes long) and in the video consultant will comment on the options listed in your assessment PDF document and possibly provide additional information.

Video will be uploaded to Youtube website as unlisted video and only you will be able to see it because we will send you a link to the video. Video will be removed from Youtube five business days counting from the day when you receive PDF assessment documents in the mail.

You will also receive instructions how you can download that video from Youtube to your computer.