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Canadian job search mentoring

If you can find work in Canada chances are you will be able to find a way to stay in Canada permanently.

As simple as that.

Canada has three major groups of immigration programs:
  1. Economic classes of immigration (approximately 60% of all immigrants get permanent resident status in Canada in one of the programs in this category of immigration,
  2. Family class of immigration - about 30% of all new immigrant become permanent residents of Canada in this immigration category,
  3. Humanitarian class of immigration applications - refugees and protected persons seek entry into Canada using this immigration category, for example. Approximately 10% of all new immigrants gain access to Canadian permanent resident status using this type of immigration applications.

It is more than clear that vast majority of new immigrants (at least 60%) come to Canada in one of the economic immigration programs.

A cynic may say Canada really wants only immigrants in the Economic class - the other 40% of new immigrants are admitted to Canada because Canada is a signatory of international agreements (therefore does not have much choice in the matter) and it would be really hard to explain to Canadian citizens and/or permanent residents why they could not bring their kids or parents to Canada hence 30% of new immigrants are sponsored into Canada by their Canadian relatives.

Either way for would be immigrants it is very important to understand importance of finding work in Canada.

We have a web site specifically created for those people who want to find job in Canada. A lot of useful information can be found on that web site.

However sometimes personalized support is what makes the difference between success and failure. Amount of information out there can be overwhelming especially for someone who is not 100% fluent in English (or French).


Milorad Borota can provide you with guidance and advice on job search in Canada.

You will receive very practical, hands-on and useful information which will make your job search more effective and less frustrating.

This includes help with determining NOC code for your targeted occupation, suggestions for resume creation/improvement, advice how to find and contact employers, how to conduct Skype interview with employers etc.


We charge $150 (tax included if applicable) for two hours of Skype conversation.