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CIC in-person interview

When you send your spousal sponsorship application to CIC they will check information in all forms and supporting documents and based on that information they will make their conclusion on two major points:
  1. Whether your application has met all legal requirements (for example they will decide if the sponsor qualifies to sponsor his or her spouse, they will decide if the sponsored spouse belongs to the family class persons or not etc.),
  2. Whether your marriage is a genuine one or your marriage, in their opinion, is a fake marriage and you entered into the marriage just to help the foreign spouse to acquire status in Canada.

The whole process is much more complicated than that, of course, but these are two very important points.

Verifying whether an application has met legal requirements as described under point #1 is fairly straight-forward process.

However determination whether a marriage is a genuine one can be very tricky because what may appear to be genuine marriage in one culture may seem quite unusual in another culture.

Generally speaking CIC visa officers are familiar with local customs and cultural idiosyncrasies however sometimes they are not able to make up their mind as far as spousal sponsorship application is concerned therefore they want to speak with the sponsored person directly and sometimes they invite both the sponsor and their spouse to the CIC local office.

If your sponsorship application is processed overseas then CIC mostly speaks with the spouse alone, they invite the spouse to the local visa office and ask them application related questions.

For in-Canada spousal sponsorships situation is slightly different - in this case CIC usually invites both sponsor and sponsored person and they interview both of them, separately, they ask the same set of questions and later they compare answers provided by each spouse and based on that they make final determination regarding genuineness of the marriage or common-law relationship.

Questions that they ask may be related to something that was entered into the application forms, they may ask questions about some enclosed documents (for example your wedding pictures) and most importantly they may ask you (and your spouse) very personal (intimate) questions which cam make you and/or your spouse feel very uncomfortable if you did not expect them ahead of time.

Of course, you have to answer all questions truthfully and it is not possible to rehears answers to all possible questions however what is very important in situations such as this one is that:

  1. You understand what is that CIC officer is trying to find out (establish),
  2. Why is it that they want to know those things (how it affects your sponsorship application),
  3. What are some typical questions they may ask.


Milorad Borota, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, can prepare you for CIC interview. He will explain why CIC officers conduct those interviews, what is it exactly that they are looking for and he can provide you with extensive list of actual questions asked during those interviews.

That way you will be more relaxed and you and your spouse will be more confident with your answers and less likely to make mistakes therefore your application will have better chance of success.


We charge $200 (tax included if applicable) for 2 hours of Skype conversation to prepare you (and your spouse) for in-office interview by CIC officer.

Please note: this service is included when we prepare spousal sponsorship applications for our clients. $200 option described above is available to the clients who decided to prepare their sponsorship application on their own or with the help of another consultant or lawyer.