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As we mentioned on our Assessment page there are over 50 immigration programs in Canada.

There are federal immigration programs then there are provincial and territorial immigration programs.

Federal government has its own immigration web site, each province and territory has their own immigration web sites.

Rules of immigration programs change relatively frequently.

It is really hard to be up to date with all changes in all immigration programs.

One would have to read literally thousands and thousand of web pages in order to sift through all or most of Canadian immigration information available on the Internet.

Searching through mountains of information is often frustrating and depressing experience for would be immigrants.

One way to deal with this situation is to speak with an immigration professional and get to the point answers to some important immigration questions.

By doing so one may save time, effort and possibly money since information provided by experienced and knowledgeable immigration consultants is reliable and accurate.


You can book one hour of Skype consultations and Milorad Borota, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant will be happy to discuss your immigration questions with you.

If you are in Vancouver, BC you can also book in-person consultations (which will be held at the downtown office at Granville and West Georgia Street, across the street from City Centre Skytrain station).

We do not see clients on drop in basis!

Please note: consultations are not meant to be used for filling out immigration forms.


One hour of Skype or in-person consultations cost $150 (tax included).