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Express Entry Applications

Canadian Express Entry Program is not actually an immigration program in itself, it is a management tool for the three federal immigration programs:
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program,
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program and
  • Canadian Experience Class.

What does that mean?

Before January 01, 2015 if someone wanted to apply for permanent resident status in one of the three mentioned programs they would send their application directly to CIC, pay the CIC processing fees and wait. Waiting was often very long (several years) before CIC made decision on their application.

For many years there was no limit how many applications CIC would accept and only after they were buried under a mountain of application did they realize they had to improve their system.

So CIC invented Express Entry system.

Now they allow unlimited number of people to create Express Entry profile (which is free) and once or twice every month they pick only small fraction of profiles already in the Express Entry pool and send invitations to those applicants to apply for permanent resident status.

That way they avoid backlog and ensure that they process only applications that have best chances of success (before January 01, 2015 they had to process all incoming applications even though significant number of them were refused as incomplete or otherwise falling short of basic program requirements).

If you want to apply for permanent resident status in one of the three federal programs you will have to:

  1. Makes sure you meet program requirements of at least one of the three programs (if you qualify for more than one program CIC will decide in which program you will have to apply),
  2. Have your language test results ready and preferably have your education assessed in Canada,
  3. Create Express Entry profile,
  4. Create Job Bank Job Match account (unless you have a job offer).

When you create Express Entry profile CIC computer program will analyze your answers and give you certain number of points based on so called "Comprehensive Ranking System" which is similar to the Federal Skilled Worker program selection factors point system.

If CIC thinks you have enough points you will get invitation to apply for permanent resident status in Canada.

Processing of Express Entry applications usually takes less than six months which is also a great improvement over the old system before January 01, 2015 when processing used to take several years.

Another great advantage of this program, or to be more precise: the great advantage of having an Express Entry profile is that you will have access to a dozen or so provincial immigration programs which are available only to those applicants who have Express Entry profile (but do not have enough Express Entry points needed to receive CIC invitation to apply for PR).

Once you receive your provincial nomination (based among other factors on the fact that you have active Express Entry profile) you will get extra points on Express Entry
Comprehensive Ranking System and CIC will send you application to apply for PR status


We can help you realistically assess your eligibility to apply for PR in one of the three federal immigration programs.

We can help you create Express Entry Profile.

We can help you prepare your permanent resident application and advise you what supporting documents to include with your application in order to maximize chances of success of your application.


We charge $400 (one person) or $500 (couples or families) for crating Express Entry profile.

Service fee for PR application through Express Entry program is $1500.