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PNP Applications

Canada has federal immigration programs (such as Federal Skilled Worker program, Canadian Experience Class, Family Class sponsorship programs etc.), Quebec - one of Canadian provinces, has several immigration programs which are similar to federal immigration programs and then each province and territory in Canada (Canada has 10 provinces and three territories) have their own immigration programs.

Provincial immigration programs are sometimes named Provincial Nominee Programs as in the province of British Columbia, often they are called Immigrant Nominee Program like in Canadian provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario.

Immigration programs may have different names but the idea is the same: federal government has given the power to the provincial governments to select immigrants who want to settle in their provinces.

Once the immigrant gets his or her provincial nomination certificate (proof that they have been selected by the province where they live) they can apply for permanent resident status in Canada (that application goes to CIC like all other permanent resident applications).

Provincial/territorial immigration programs have many similarities (and notable differences): practically all of them have stream for skilled workers, they have streams for international students, some provinces also have programs for investors/entrepreneurs, for semi-skilled workers, some provinces allow relatives and friends to facilitate provincial nomination etc.

When one, for example, has to choose Canadian province where he or she would like to work (before looking for ways to settle in Canada permanently) it is always good idea to get a good understanding how good provincial immigration programs are in the province where that person wants to work.

For example Ontario has very good labour market (therefore your Ontario employer has good chance of obtaining LMIA for you) but comparatively speaking Ontario provincial nominee program is very poor (therefore you may be in a position with very few options when it comes to permanent resident application after you work in Canada for a year or two).

Provincial immigration programs offer a wealth of opportunities for would-be immigrants, those already in Canada as students and temporary foreign workers and also to those who are outside Canada at this time.


We can help you prepare application for provincial nomination, that includes completing forms and instructing you what supporting documents to include with your application in order to maximize chances of success for your application.

Once your nomination is secured we can help you complete permanent resident application package which will be sent to the federal government (CIC).

We can represent you in your dealings with Canadian government immigration officials.


We charge around $3000 for applications in provincial immigration programs. Exact amount is determined based on applicant's individual circumstances and the program they use to apply for provincial nomination. Amount is paid in three installments: at the time when Retainer Agreement is signed, when certificate of provincial nomination is received and when CIC makes their final decision (which is often one year later).