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Study permits

Canada is preferred destination for around 200 000 foreign students every year.

There is a good reason for that - Canada has very good post-secondary education and Canada is a safe place for young people, among other things.

Obtaining a study permit may not always be as straight-forward as one would hope.

The reasons for that are mostly because:
  1. Foreign students must demonstrate that they have financial ability to cover the cost of tuition and living expenses,
  2. Foreign students must demonstrate that they will leave Canada once their authorized stay as students in Canada is over.

Second requirement is especially interesting because on one hand Canadian immigration officials will look for proof/indication that foreign students won't remain in Canada after their study permit expires and at the same time the very same immigration system which created such requirement also has several immigration programs designed specifically for foreign students trying to help them become permanent residents in Canada after graduation.

Making sense of Canadian immigration is not always easy.

For many people, especially young people, studying in Canada is the best way to obtain permanent resident status in Canada.

Ideally foreign students would take one or two years educational program and after that look for best immigration program to apply for permanent resident status in Canada. In most cases that would be one of the provincial immigration programs tailored specifically to foreign students who have graduated in Canada.

Foreign student can legally work during the course of their studies in Canada and after their graduation, their spouses can get open work permits based on their study permits.


Our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant can help you choose education program and prepare your study permit application package (forms and supporting documents) and if you decide to apply online he can submit your application on your behalf.

Immigration consultant may also act as your authorized representative if you decide so.

We can also help with your application to extend your study permit or change conditions of your current study permit.

 Students in Vancouver we can book an office appointment for you and apply for extension of your study permit that same day! Please learn more here or complete questionnaire here.


Assistance with study permit applications cost $900 (no tax).

Renewal or change of conditions of study permits in Canada cost $500 (tax included).