If a Canadian employer wants to bring a foreign worker to work in Canada first thing they have to do is they have to obtain government permission to do so (there are some exceptions to this rule).

Such permission is a letter called LMIA or Labour Market Impact Assessment.

Simply put LMIA letter means that Canadian employer is allowed to bring in a foreign worker because that same employer was not able to find qualified candidate(s) in Canada.

Before LMIA letter is issued to the employer they have to make genuine effort to hire local candidates and they must provide proof of their recruitment effort when they apply for LMIA.

After that foreign worker(s) use that LMIA letter when they apply for their work permit(s).

Once foreign worker has work permit they are authorized to work in Canada.

There are very few situations when foreign nationals have authorization to work in Canada without without work permit and/or LMIA. In most situations foreign workers will need LMIA when they apply for their work permit.

Also LMIA is extremely important for those people who want to apply for permanent resident (PR) status in Canada both through Express Entry program or through provincial immigration programs.

Since 2014 it is very difficult to obtain positive LMIA - LMIA applications are more complicated than most PR applications (typically nowadays LMIA application packages have around 100 pages).

Many Canadian employers do not know all the details of the Foreign Workers Program and LMIA application process and most employers simply do not have time to properly prepare LMIA application.


We can help your Canadian employer with their LMIA application. For detailed information regarding our services please go to www.whatislmo.com

On that page you will see that we offer two options to Canadian employers: one is called Option A and another Option B.

Option A means we will do most of the work on LMIA application (employer still needs to approve job ad, review all received resumes, interview applicants, review completed documents, provide company tax information etc.)

Option B is similar to Application Review service offered on this web site - we would review completed LMIA application package before it is submitted to Service Canada and suggest changes and/or improvements. Also we would inform the employer about Service Canada advertising rules, suggest where to advertise vacant position etc.


Option A - $2000 (tax included) Option B - $500 (tax included)

Expectation is that employers cover all LMIA application related expenses.