Work Permits

Foreign nationals must be authorized (by the Canadian government) to work in Canada.

What does "to be authorized" practically mean?

In most situations that means a foreign national must have a work permit before they start working in Canada. Only in a very limited number of situations foreign nationals can work in Canada without need for work permit.

Every year, for the past several years, over 100 000 foreign workers have been working for Canadian employers, big and small, and that trend is likely to continue.

Majority of those foreign workers have been issued work permits.

Generally speaking work permits are employer specific, occupation specific and location specific. What that means is that work permit holder can work for only one employer, in only one occupation and in only one location in Canada, for the duration of validity of his or her work permit.

If they want to change the employer, occupation or move to work in another part of Canada they would have to obtain new work permit first.

Second category of work permits are so called open work permits - in most situations open work permit holders can work practically for any employer, in (almost) any occupation and anywhere in Canada. Open work permits sometimes have certain limitations too.

Over 60% of all new immigrants (permanent residents) admitted to Canada every year come in one of the economic classes (the other two classes are family immigration and humanitarian programs) and for this type of immigration work permit is the key factor.

If you can secure work permit for (preferably) skilled occupation in Canada it is more than likely you will also find a way to stay in Canada permanently (and bring your family with you).

One can apply for work permit online or by sending paper application to Canadian visa office.

For more information how to look for work in Canada please go to or even better you can download our video guide (almost 3 hours of video material) called "Looking for work in Canada - a guide for Foreign Workers" where you can find practically all important information regarding job search in Canada, work permits, LMIA, Canadian workplace etc.


We can help your employer with their LMIA application and and also we can help you apply for your work permit.

If you decide to apply online we can submit your application on your behalf.

Immigration consultant may also act as your authorized representative if you decide so.


Assistance with first work permit application cost $900 (no tax).

Renewal of work permits (or change of conditions) in Canada cost $500 (tax included).

Preparation for work permit application at Canadian border (flagpolling) - one hour of Skype consultations cost $200 (tax included).