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MB MIGRATION SERVICES (CANADA) INC. (abbreviated as MB MIGRATION) is a Canadian immigration consulting company, based in Vancouver, BC and incorporated with Industry Canada in accordance with the Canada Business Corporations Act since May of 2011. The same company is incorporated in the province of British Columbia as well.  Trademarks: MB MIGRATION logo and WORTH YOUR TRUST are registered trademarks of MB MIGRATION SERVICES (CANADA) INC.
Milorad Borota - Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant
Why choose this consultant?
These are the two main reasons:
  1. Knowledge and experience,
  2. This consultant can be trusted.

Mr. Borota has been living in Canada since 1997 and has been working as immigration consultant since 2011. He does (well) what he says he will do and he does not make promises which he is not able to keep.

His business hours and availability can be found here.

Updated October 28, 2021: Due to the fact that Canada has put a number of unreasonable restrictions on personal freedoms of its citizens (because of "the pandemic"), Milorad Borota relocated to Serbia where such restrictions do not exist and he will be providing Canadian immigration services based out of Serbia, for the time being.

Milorad Borota is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant with ICCRC registration number R408031.
Primary focus of his immigration work has been providing services to temporary foreign workers (LMIA applications, work permit applications, PR applications for foreign workers) however he has also been providing services in other immigration programs such as spousal and family sponsorships, visitor visas, study permits etc.
If you want to book in-person office appointment with Mr. Borota in Vancouver please contact us first.
When communicating with MB MIGRATION SERVICES staff you can expect to receive e-mail from Milorad Borota (Immigration Consultant), Sanja Zuber (Administrative Assistant) and Savan Borota (web Support and Marketing Technician).

Our preferred method of communication is e-mail.
Please visit our pages and profiles on social media (links o our Facebook page, Twitter account etc. can be found on the front page of this web site).